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Foraging For Flowers For My Big Day //

Foraging For Flowers For My Big Day //

Foraging For Flowers For My Big Day //

I’m getting married tomorrow!!! Holy cow. I get to have all the people I love most in the world in one place, and what’s better than all the people you love celebrating you and the person you love?! I don’t think I can appropriately describe the kind of joy and peace I feel right now.

Originally I didn’t think that I would have flowers at the wedding. I thought that I would just do candles and call it good. As the wedding grew close, the wildflowers in Kansas were more and more beautiful and I got a little inspired. So I asked my sister, my mom, and my best friend if they would help forage for flowers with me. They of course said yes, and this morning we took my niece and my best friend’s son on a wildflower picking adventure.

I cannot wait show you all the beautiful bouquets we created! The entire wildflower adventure only took about 3 hours and goodness gracious, they are gorgeous!!!!

I’ll be taking a couple days away from social media after the wedding to enjoy my partner and my family while they are in town. Remember, you are invited to join us for the wedding if you would like! I’ll see you all very soon!



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