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  1. Hey pretty!
    Could you tell me your forever21 bikini size? Pleaaase I need it!
    Kisses from Spain!

      1. hey my nsme is Taniya I eas just on your youtube page trying to find a bathing suit I am 10 im very thick umm I just want a nice bathing suit that will cover my belly do you have something that u know a bout like a website

      2. I bought from women within I got a size 34 and to small I really need like a size 40 but caint find one anywhere. Any ideas I would love to hear/ read them.

  2. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for this post! Found some new sites to consider for shopping! This is a Godsend!

  3. I’ve been searching for plus size swim wear with short sleeves but I just can’t seem to find pretty ones,I’m too afraid to show my arms so I want a swim wear that is with short sleeves. Please help!! Thank you in advance:)

  4. would u know any good swimsuits for big bellies? I’m going for a swim with a group of my friends and I kinda not want my belly to be the main sight

  5. Thank you so much!!! I follow you on instragram but I stumbled across this page when searching for swimsuits being plus size. I am so thrilled I found his page otherwise I would’ve never discovered the cute swimsuits I found on the Forever 21 Website. They are cute, chic, and affordable. If it weren’t for bloggers like you I would’ve been so distraught. Thank you! It is so hard being a + among a world built for minuses but your blog and others makes living life a little easier!

  6. Could you tell me what size you wear from torrid…I’m really digging the black floral print just not sure what size. Is it true to size? I’m a 24/26 bottoms most of the time.

  7. Hey Corissa! Love your Tumblr, Youtube, and this blog! I was just wondering if you had an opinion on Lane Bryant suits and if you ever shop there in general. I have heard that their jeans can run up to 3 sizes too small and they only go up to 26/28 so that leaves a lot of us out straight out of the gate. Plus they are pretty pricey. What do you think and do you have any experiences with Lane Bryant that you could share?

    1. Hi Lauren, thank you <3 Well... the easy way to say this is that there is a reason Lane Bryant is not on any of my lists. I don't support them, and I'm just generally done with the bull shit they feed plus size women. So, in short... I have no clue how their stuff fits!!! lol xoxo

  8. How to say this delicately…. How does one hide a very pudgy …. Mound of Venus….!? I’m fat, 3-4X, and over 60.

  9. You are such a lovely young woman! Thank you for this site. My eyes are tearing up at how open & wonderful you are. As a life-long fattie who always tries to hide, I admire and envy you. ?

  10. Wow! I love most of those! Which one is your favorite? I just ordered a high waist bikini and a one piece from swimsuits4all, can’t wait to see what they look like on!

  11. Help! I have the dreaded back fat roll underneath my bra strap. i’m looking for a flounce bikini top that has the extra fabric in the back to cover that annoying roll. Any ideas on where I could find one?

  12. Hello 🙂 I was wondering if you knew of any places that have competitive swimwear for big girls? I am getting back on my school’s swim team and whenever a suit seems to work it ends up being too short or not tight enough around my breasts so when i swim my boobs are almost hanging out to my nips. Thank you!

  13. No bathing suit in this size category have high enough sides.I think it should be an option since it makes your legs look longer.

  14. My douse wears a size 5w and is looking for swimwear that isn’t girlie. She’d like shorts-type bottoms and tops that are not too girlie. Do you have any suggestion where we could look for swimwear for her?

  15. I’m frustrated because most of the vendors/sites I’m looking at really DON’T offer extended sizes. For example, swimsuitsforall, really only offers up to a 24 in many of the cutest styles. To me it’s a bit of misleading advertising for them to say “we have sizes to 32!” but really only limit what they’re offering to styles that look like ten-year old merchandise they bring back every year when it didn’t sell the year before.
    Also, many of the other “plus” sites, only go to a 3x. The best I can tell, a 3x might be about a 22-24, so again–in today’s market, I’m not sure that’s a big feature.

    WHERE is the smart business woman who will come forward and design true plus-sized swimwear in stylish prints (not black! not giant flowers! not tiny piping! ) that are true extended sizes, STARTING at 24 and going up? The woman who does this, will make a fortune! Size 24 should be the lowest size swimsuits start at in the plus market — not the highest. Sign me frustrated! I don’t want old lady styles!

    1. I AM WITH YOU!!!! I have been frustrated this season several times by finding out that the newest coolest plus size swimwear only goes up to a size 22/24 and won’t actually fit me (unless I want to feel very uncomfortable). I AM happy to say that SmartGlamour is starting a plus size swimwear line and I will be reviewing that very soon. I’m hoping even more designers start creating bigger sizes. ugh.

  16. I have just ordered yet another swimsuit online but I am not hopeful. I can’t seem to find a swimsuit that fits my tummy and chest but keeps me covered and is snug around the top of my legs. I am big size 26/28 but I have thin arms and legs. Any suggestions? I live in the UK

  17. I really LOVE the red swim suit from Torrid. I found the top but I can’t find the bottom!! 🙁 PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  18. I am looking for bright neon colors like a pink green pretty blues something with black I wear a 2 X shirt and use to shop Debs but seems unless you are in store they don’t offer online …my last bathing suit from them was a 2 piece but bottoms were a hot pink shorts I loved it but can’t seem to find any hot colors my size any where plz help

  19. Love the website Corissa and these reviews are everything!

    Any thoughts on Hot Topic plus size swim wear? I think they have a relationship with Torrid, but can’t tell if their sizing is the same?? The new Disney line is ADORABLE and I’d let my belly hang out if I could look like a Disney princess! 🙂

    1. I had no clue that they sold plus sizes!!!! They are definitely owned by the same company as torrid, I would assume they’re also the same sizing – if anything I might order a size up just to be safe! <3

  20. Rebdolls has suits up to a size 5x. I brought a very cute bikini from them they also have cute high cut one pieces.

  21. Could you tell a place that sells swim bras for a EFJ BRA SIZE!!?!? Lol I would appreciate any help. I found a cute “curvy girl” swim suit alas lol my bust requires an underwire bra at all times. Plus the suit is sexy with a bra rather then without. Thanks for the help.

  22. What Bree said! My titties are fabulous and at least a G cup with around a 38 inch band size, which makes finding a well-fitting bra a royal pain and swimwear extremely difficult, even at plus size stores.
    I’m thrilled for everyone whose swimsuit needs are met by the resources in this article, and hope to see one geared toward us especially-busty gals.

  23. I’m stopping by torrid tomorrow for a swimsuit, do you know if they have different cup sizes for their suits? I am one of the horribly unlucky plus-sized girls with very, very small breasts haha. Thank you!

  24. As a teen who is not on the slim side I have always struggled trying to find a bathing suit store that made me feel young and cute. I am so thankful to have fallen across this website because it saved me time and tears I would have spent on clothing stores that never have worked for me but were the only ones I knew of. I personally found much success on torrid and mod cloth and found myself venturing to the tops, dresses, and bottoms and fell in love!

  25. Did you check out lane bryant this year? I’m seeing stuff that’s actually on trend in terms of mesh, ruffles, patterns, etc.

    1. My problem with Lane Bryant is that I feel like their clothes are really expensive but are not of a level of quality to justify the cost.

  26. You make shopping for plus sized women seem so easy! I love all of the mentioned brands and their swimsuits, should check them out since I’ve only heard of 3 mentioned ones: target, forever 21, and asos

  27. Love love love this! I’m struggling to find a suit long enough in the torso to fit. The closest I’ve come is the white and flamingo suit from It’s really too short but with the halter ties, I’m making it work. I’m 5’5″ and a size 22 but am an awkward lumpy apple shape (3 kids! Picture the Michelin Man in a one piece) and most suits stop on me under my boobs. Not a look I’m going for! Any suggestions for suits that fit over the belly but don’t leave me tugging the front leg holes down to cover the lower belly? Why oh why do plus size suits not come with bra type adjustable tops on the inside so you can get a supportive, good fit??? Keep on Flowing!!

  28. LOVE this post! I’ve never shopped at Forever 21 but saw they have some to die for swim suits! I’m a 40DD on top and a solid size 18 apple shape and 5’5″. Should I just go for the 3x size? (Their size charts are a joke).

  29. I’m appreciative of your list, but I still find most of these styles unflattering and not stylish! I’m 55 years old, and not going to wear most of these. I finally found a lot of really pretty swimsuits at Gottex. They have plus sizes and also go up to size 18 or 20 in some of their “regular” styles. Only difficulty is searching by size on their website! Many on sale and coming out with New Arrivals even now in fall.

  30. Loved this list. thanks for sharing. I def need to grab some new pieces and now I know where to find the cutest ones. Loved asos.

  31. Hey Corissa! I was wondering if you could do a post or include in a post where to go for plus belts? I’m an apple shape and all my belts end up going above my jeans if that makes sense lol.

  32. I have a hard time finding swimsuits in my size. I don’t know my exact size to be honest. I’m 5 ft 6 inches and weigh 475 lbs.

  33. So tired of swimsuits made to “control” or “minimize” my body. Just give me a decent racing suit for workouts. Just a regular crossback workout suit in my size that’s all. Please.

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