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  1. You helped me buy my first pair of boots 2 years ago that actually fit and now I’m up to 3 pairs! I love finally being able to wear cute tall boots.

      1. Hi I am a size 13 wide in women’s shoes and I can’t find shoes anywhere but at torrid if you could show me some stores maybe in my area cuz I live in the mountains state of Denver and some other options it would be appreciated thank you

  2.! (Now
    Seriously fabulous, really good quality shoes in widths, and wide calf boots. They ship worldwide, (which as a Canadian is a big deal! Especially since most online shopping is so US-centric!) and are very prompt with customer service and shipping.
    They’re based in the UK.
    I have a few things from them, and have never been disappointed.

  3. Can you please help me find boots! I have 25″ calves. I’ve had HUGE calves since I was child. They’re super muscular, and have a good amount of fat ontop of it. It’s really frustrating and I just want some boots 🙁

    1. hey babe… wide widths is probably your best bet. Most of their boots are real leather too, which means that they will stretch out a bit and mold to your calf. They also have a great customer service team that you can call and talk to! check out the “super wide calf” boots here:

  4. So useful! I can’t count the number of times I’ve shared this (and your other “Where To Buy” posts) with my fellow fat ladies. Thank you <3

  5. I want a pair of knee high embroidered cowgirl boots for my 18 inch circumference calves. I cannot find them anywhere. Any suggestions?

  6. Payless! I’ve managed to get great inexpensive boots that lasted at least two seasons there on sale. Last season I got a pair of quilted black boots with a gold zipper for $25 on sale. Bought another pair at the end of the season for $20. They’ve really stepped up the quality and they don’t look so plastic anymore. Old Navy is my 2nd go too but their wide calf boots sell out the 1st week of the season.

  7. The wide calf boots at maurices are no joke! I can wear them with my 21″ calves with jeans tucked in and room to spare!

  8. If you’re looking for wide shoes I would advise to ask at your local thrift store, especially if it’s a branch of some brand. They may not have them at the moment but they can arrange few pairs with the next delivery. It worked for me few times!

  9. Can I ask a question of the shoe gurus?
    I wear a 6.5 EEEEEE shoe size I have a 20.8 inch calf. Any suggestions for where to look not just for boots but for shoes in general? I’ve literally never owned a pair of women’s shoes because I can’t find them in my size. I always end up with men’s shoes that are 3-4 inches too long for me to get the width I need. I could really use some suggestions.
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  10. I’m looking for a great size 12 Wide zip up snow boot there seem to be a short on those kinda boots a great snow boot for pluse size women’s

  11. JJ Footwear is a Dutch based brand, specialised in wide calf boots up to 24 inch and Plus Size rainboots up to 23 inch. we have the widest selection in Wide Calf, knee high leather boots. We ship free of transportation costs to the US. We are a family owned business, that exist for almost 100 years. We sell our wide fitting boots across the world. Try our Personal Fit Advice to choose your best fit at our collection.

  12. These are still WAY TOO SMALL I give up most of my weight is in my legs 🙁 ugh I hate not having cute boots oh well

    1. i know this was left a year ago, but i had 25′ calves. i have two pair of knee high boots from torrid! I had to go through and click on every pair of boots until I found some big enough. Good luck! 🙂

  13. My foot is medium but my ankles and calf are wide. I would love a pair of Uggs. They don’t work for me because the seam of the shoe rubs my ankle and my ankle bone. Any suggestions?

  14. I carry my weight in my lower half. I have had big calves and ankles since childhood and have never been able to wear boots – not even rain boots or winter boots. Though the headline had me hopeful, it seems that at 26″, there is still not a single boot maker that wants my business. 🙁

    1. I try to keep this post as up to date as possible and I’m always SO hopeful that SOMEONE will want to start making boots even bigger. I’m sorry they’re not accessible to you 🙁 I promise i will update this if I find someone!

    2. @fatgirlflow, woman within extra wide calf boots they even have extra wide calf boot with wide width boot. I’ma a 26″

  15. I am looking for a pair of boots that look exactly like the ones the beautiful lady in the picture at the top has on. I have been searching for so long but haven’t found any. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places. Please help!

  16. I’d do anything for a fall pair of knee high boots but I’ve got 25” calves and apparently that’s otherworldly in the show world so…I guess I’m out of luck. Thanks for narrowing my choices down for me though so I didn’t spend a million hours hunting for something that simply doesn’t exist.

    1. i know how you feel 3 times ive brought xl calf boots and given them to my mum and cried and got real depressed i have 27″ calf and feel ill never have a pair of boots that fit

    2. @Rochele, woman within extra wide calf boots they even have extra wide calf boot with wide width boot. I’ma a 26

  17. Hi! I was wondering the calf circumference Avenue goes up to? I’ve looked online, messaged their customer support about it, everything! Hoping you can help. Thanks!

  18. Sighhh! These options are so amazing! Thanks for sharing them!
    BUT none of these offer the unique boots I’m looking for… A KID’s size 3 Wide Calf option. My sister has Down’s Syndrome and her shoe size is smaller so she can’t shop in Women’s. But she is a 22 year old adult with wide plus size calves. Winter boots never fit very well, and long, warm boots that don’t get stuck at the calves are impossible to find. Any suggestions!?

    1. ohhhhh I’ve been thinking of doing a post about “tween” fashion so I’ve been doing a lot of research about “girls” sizes but haven’t come across any wide calf boots for little feet 🙁 I will absolutely keep my eye out though and will let you know if I find anything!

    2. @Sumbul, my sis has DS as well and wears a kids 2-3, I’ve ran into this before too, from the research I’ve done a woman’s 5 is pretty similar to a 3.5 in kids…maybe try that!?! (I was able to get her a sz5 for a wedding a few years back and they weren’t too big) Good luck!

  19. Looking for cowgirl boots and none of these sites seem to carry them. Any suggestions would be great. Need an extremely wide boot, never found anything higher than ankle boots that fit but now I am in a wedding and the Bride wants tall cowgirl boots…

    1. @fatgirlflow, woman within extra wide calf boots they even have extra wide calf boot with wide width boot. I’ma a 26

    2. @Laura, I’m sure I’m too late, but Laredo makes several wide pairs of actual cowboy (ladies) boots that are wide as hell in their normal width and then offer a wider version as well. My calves are 19 inches, and my foot is wide, but not super wide and I very comfortably wear the Med width. They’re real leather, very comfortable, and I have an everyday pair and I bought a pair for my own wedding.

  20. Why in the world won’t the plus size stores sell GENUINE leather boots????!!! Their boots fit me great, but I have to replace them almost every year because pleather doesn’t last. I would rather pay more for a pair of leather boots thay will last, but I can’t find any anywhere that will fit my 18″ calves. Any ideas? And when I say I would pay more, I don’t mean I’m willing to sell my kidney. LOL

  21. Can you help with bras? I am between a b and c cup. However I am 5xl wide. I can only find jms bras. I want my boobs to look like I am wearing the wonder bra. Stays in the side dig into my arm pits, synthetic material makes my tits itch. And underwires are too long. I have even went to a breadt cancer bra store

  22. my calf measures 28.5 and I have yet to find any boot. Am I outta luck or just not looking in the right the spot?

  23. I realize I’m writing this 7 years after the fact which means 1 of 2 things: 1. There are more and more women out there than we think who, like me, got bigger and thought “oh no! I can’t wear boots over my ankle now!” and just gave up and/or 2. You are one hell of a Google SEO queen because this came up on the first page, right after the obvi ads! Tbh, I still don’t know what to do about my legs/feet. I have gained weight so I get the calf thing but I also have edema in my feet and ankles (possibly whole body?) so my usual size 7 doesn’t fit so I just bought a size 8 of docs and they’re too long. Another pair I went with 7.5 wide that had laces that wouldn’t even fit in my feet and all the lace holes at the same time. And were still too long. I really don’t want to wear uggs or larry david shoes (what I call sneakers with no laces or velcro or anything in the middle) the rest of my life. Even most flip flops won’t get over the hump in the middle of my foot. And, yes, I sleep in compression socks with my feet above my heart. I told my bf recently to start jerry-rigging one of those leg lifts for people with broken legs for me so I can sit and sleep with my legs way above my head and then they can be cute when I go out…. I know it sounds like I have more serious things to worry about than shoes but it’s not from diabetes, I’ve had an ultra sound of my veins, sodium checked, etc and there’s no real reason they can see why my feet get to the point of splitting open from just hanging out. But now I know what boots will fit my calves! I’ll get em in 7s.

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