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The Prettiest Plus Size Dress

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Plus Size Clothing //

Plus Size Clothing //

Plus Size Clothing //

With everything that’s been going on in the world lately, I’ve been having a hard time writing about fashion. There’s a line from a poem by Kim Selling’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” that says “my body is political, and you never voted for this shit”. I’m feeling that pretty intensely, not just about me and my body, but about so many people and their place in the world. I’m feeling a little heavy, and not just cause I’ve got a fat ass.

So for now, we’ve got adorable Torrid hauls with the prettiest plus size dress, and cute little tours of my closet. Some times, that’s the best we got, right?!? Right!

Oh geez, on top of being terrible at writing lately, I’m also showing ya’ll a plus size dress that is sold out. I know, MY HEART IT BROKEN FOR YOU TOO!!!!

Dress (sold out) | Boots (similar) | Backpack (similar)

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Sunday 7th of August 2016

You have such wonderful things to say, even when you think you aren't writing very well. Thanks for being a real thinking woman in your fashion blog. I think it reminds all of us that there's more to life than clothes. I can't believe I just said that. LOL. So many of your readers have incredibly powerful things to say in response, too. It is truly a pleasure to come here and see what you're up to and soak up the love and empowerment in this community. Thank you so much.


Saturday 6th of August 2016

Love you smile! I can hear your happiness.


Monday 1st of August 2016

I love that young girls have access to all of these wonderul words and images and videos with people that look like them . Not to mention the young women now jave so many options in fashion then when i was a teen . They can dress in whatever suits their style . Not choose from the 2 racks in the plus section in the dept. Store . Thanks to you and all of the beautiful strong women being brave enough to put yourself out there to be a role model for others struggling . The more i find , the happier it makes me .


Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

this is such a GREAT compliment THANK YOU!!!!


Monday 1st of August 2016

Beautiful dress. Beautiful human. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. Reading your blog and watching your YouTube videos have very helpful in managing my anxiety. I have pretty much always been positive about my body, but it really helps to have backup! Oh, and I bought the damn bikini. ?


Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

Thank you for being here!!!!!! <3 ROCK THAT BIKINI BABE!!!!

Jaclyn Meador

Sunday 31st of July 2016

Beautiful dress and the most awesome chick wearing it!!!! U are so inspiring and I love watching everything u do lol it puts a huge smile on my face. And I get awesome tips so thanks for that ????


Monday 1st of August 2016

THANK YOU SO MUCH BABE!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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