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  1. Oh hon, I want to cry because that is basically the same journey I had almost 20 years ago, when I decided to love my body and be body positive. I hate that we haven’t got any further in a generation! I think it’s great though that you have such great friends supporting you and that is really important. I think, for myself, I’ve been a little more abrasive about size issues with some people just because of my life but I’m glad you feel that you can be a positive force without forcing your opinion (as the other side, or most of humanity does)! Btw, I think you are both too cute in your outfits! Oh and I don’t have a skater skirt…with or without suspenders, but that’s more to do with my age than my size and only having 2 skirts that are above the knee. Although, I have been thinking about getting one because of your blog. Take care, keep doing what you do and big hugs, kara

  2. You and I are in different body-acceptance & total-love-of-said-body situations, but everything you say here is spot on! Seeing images of others who look like me is so validating. Being able to talk about the experience of this life with other people who are living it is so important. My body, my choice; I’m not going to apologize b/c my body is no one’s business.

    1. It’s always so amazing to me how the thingsthat go along with body positivity can be applied to so many different people in so many stages. I love it… makes me feel this awesome sense of common humanity that I lack sometimes <3

  3. THIS!!!! OMG THIS!!!
    Im still at the start of my body pos journey and i literally have NO fat friends, not even slightly overweight friends, one of my best friends is LITERALLY a model… so this post hits home to me so hard!!! I grew up in a fat family so my sister is contantly on one diet or another, always yoyo-ing and i cant talk to her about this stuff (she still doesnt seem to think depression is real). i feel like i have no one at all that knows what im going through, thats why you, virgie, Livie, (beyondthesunset) and many others have saved me from going crazy. i read your blogs or scroll through IG feeds whenever im having a hard to love myself day. i wish that i could find a friend in my situation but honestly dont even know how to go about that… how do adults even make friends these days?

    Thanks for always being here for me and others to help get us back on track to a more positive life 🙂

  4. I had just satrated my journey accepting my body when something happened…..since i am trying to get pregnant the doctors that I am seing all say:”you have to lose weight otherwise you can get pregnant”. What is going on with that, can’t fat girl get pregnant…..what is it with the ideia that if you are fat you are some how sick. Keep doing what you do….

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