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Summer Style Hack: Fighting Chub Rub All Season Long

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It’s that time of year again! When short skirts and itty bitty shorts are all you can stand to put on your body… and your thighs are rubbing together to create an inferno you thought was saved for the deepest depths of hell. That’s right – it’s chub rub season! I can’t count the amount of questions I get about keeping your thighs feeling great all season long. The bad news is, you can’t run from chub rub. The good news is, Chafing Relief Powder Gel® from Monistat Complete Care® can help you get as far away from the inner thigh chafe as fast as you choose… you could even run away from chub rub with this awesome Powder Gel® protecting you!

So how do I use it? Keep reading to see my simple steps to keeping your thighs burn free all season long!


When your skin rubs together you create a perfect environment for dead skin to get stuck in your pores. Once a week I take the time to gently exfoliate my inner thighs so that my pores stay clear and aren’t prone to skin irritation.

Apply Monistat® Chafing Relief Powder Gel®

This gel formula is non-greasy, unscented, and doesn’t feel sticky when you apply it. It comes in an easy little squeezable tube you can find in the feminine hygiene aisle. I put on about a dime size amount on each thigh, throw it in my bag, and go about my day. The gel feels like a powder after applied, and makes your thighs glide together like they don’t even know it’s 100 degrees outside!

Keep aloe around the house

Admittedly, I’m doing this less and less the more I use the Monistat® Powder Gel®. But I do like to keep a little aloe in my fridge for days when my skin may get irritated. Since Monistat® has kept my thighs clear from chub rub all Summer I’ve started keeping baby wipes in my fridge as well. Coming in from a hot afternoon, and wiping your face and neck with an icy cold baby wipe is magical!

Staying irritation free really is that easy with Chafing Relief Powder Gel®! If you want a little bit more information on the product and how I use it all season long, check out the video below! Let me know your favorite ways to stay cool all summer in the comments below!

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