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  1. Short skirt/dress question (because i love that dress but would never wear it without leggings, and not for the reason you think)…. There is no way i could sit down in anything that short without my lady bits (thinly covered by panties though they may be) touching the surface i was sitting on. which skeeves. me. out. so, like, what’s the deal? am i being neurotic? do i have an exceptionally large ass? is there some secret hack to deal with this issue? [also, off-topic, have you tried any LulaRoe dresses/what do you think of their sizing? also also, greetings again from Oklahoma, big red trump-voting cock of a state; just wanted to say thanks for providing one of the places i come to for relief from the homogeneity of thought and general unreasonableness that surrounds me daily!!! :)]

    1. hahahhaha you are adorable! Thank you for that smile 🙂 So with the butt touching thing – my butt touches things. I wish it didn’t I REALLY WISH IT DIDN’T! But it does. I actually had never realized that it did until one of my friends mentioned that it bothered her when hers did it several months ago. Then I was like OMG MY BUTT HAS BEEN TOUCHING THE WHOLE WORLD THIS ENTIRE TIME AND I NEVER NOTICED!!!!! So… no secret hack here lol – just shamelessly putting my ass on every surface in site.

  2. Awesome article! You always push my comfort zone out a few more feet. I would like to wear shorter dresses because I live in AZ and it never gets really cold here. I have this thing about my knees…but I will get over it. You look great in this outfit. 🙂

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