September 27, 2015 3 Comments


September 27, 2015 3 Comments

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Plus Size Grooms //


It’s time for the second post in our Plus Size Bride series, but this one is for our suit and tie wearing babes!!! Whether you’re a bride, or plus size groom, if you’re getting married and looking for a wedding dress alternative this post has got you covered.

And of course, there will be plenty of body positive messages between each store suggestion. Because being a groom can be pretty stressful. A HUGE thank you to for the amazing plus size men’s resources they provide and for being an awesome inspiration for this post!


Men’s Wearhouse – 

Tuxedo and formal wear rentals can be difficult if you’re a man of size. If you’re dying to find the perfect tux your best option may be to purchase one from a vendor that tailors to your measurements. And why wouldn’t you? You can find another event to wear a tux to! In fact, having a tux in your closet may make you MORE likely to go to a fancy event. So go right ahead!

Plus Size Grooms //

Plus Size Grooms //

 Before you go shopping try on a few of your favorite, most comfortable dress shirts. Have one that you really love? Bring it shopping with you! It’s always great to have an example of how you want your shirt to fit, and if someone needs your measurements they’re right there on the label! 


Plus Size Grooms //

Plus Size Grooms //

Saint Herridan – 

Button down dress shirts for women and transmen!!! These classic styles are customizable in the neck, chest, and sleeve. Because these shirts are designed with your body in mind they do not gap at the chest and make wearing a button up a less stressful process. Lots of love for this innovative brand.

 Getting a hair cut before your big day? Try and get it a day or two before. Some times that super fresh look can make you feel a little more overdressed than usual. Into that? That’s cool too! Just give some thought to when you usually like your hair after a cut, and plan accordingly! 

Burlington Coat Factory –

Super reasonably priced suits for the plus size guy. They also have a large selection of shirts and ties and even vest sets to complete your wedding look. Bonus: they also carry shoes!

Plus Size Grooms //

Plus Size Grooms //

 If you have a specific look in mind, and don’t want your outfit planned by your partner, tell them! Many men think wedding planning doesn’t have to involve them, but if you want to be comfy and happy on your day you better get in there and tell people what you want! 

Plus Size Grooms //

Plus Size Grooms //

Indochino – 

Good god damn these suits are beautiful. Custom made with your measurements, you’ve got a virtual tailor at your finger tips! And they have got you looking stylish as hell. Because of how gorgeous these suits are, you would think they’d be super pricey, but in fact they’re fairly reasonable for such a special day as this!

  Be mindful of your shoes for the big day. Buy insoles if you need to beforehand. Whatever you do, be well prepared to dance the night away! 

Accessories –

Today is your special day, and that means you get to treat yourself! Seriously. Pocket squares that are super fancy, a new watch or money clip, cuff links. TREAT YOURSELF!!!! Keep in mind that your partner may be getting you something nice as a wedding gift, so keep them in the loop on your purchases so they don’t surprise you with something you already have! (click on pictures for links)

Plus Size Grooms //

Plus Size Grooms //

Best of luck to all of you amazing grooms out there! I hope your day is just as special as you!

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  • Hannah October 12, 2015 at 5:26 pm

    Love these suits. This is a really helpful starting point for plus sized grooms knowing where to get fresh for the big day. Awesome post!

  • Jen February 16, 2016 at 3:37 am

    Omg thanks a bunch. Oh bae has it worse than I do at times., he’s plus and he’s adorable but finding his clothing isn’t. To make it worse he’s picky like I am and very stylish. It took two hours to find a dress shirt for work and I screamed. The places he wants to shop doesn’t go past an xl. So one day I hope he will be happy to see that these places will have the type of suit he wants. (I prefer the vest and a funky color tie on him for that special day ) lol now to get me to accept I can’t wear the hundreds of wedding dresses I pinned. I wish they would fix it for box sexes. I’m confused on why they think we have no life or sense of style.

    • fatgirlflow February 16, 2016 at 3:40 pm

      my husband is a Tall 2xl… I totally know the struggle!!!

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