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  1. Thank you so much for always being so transparent about your mental health <3 mental illness is so, so hard and there are still so many people who just. don't. get it. At our last session, my therapist ended with some simple yet profound advice: be kind to yourself. And so I wanted to pass that advice on to you. Be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, don't minimize your feelings as insignificant. And at the end of the day, know that your openness is helping so many other people who feel like nobody else understands what they're going through. Much love to you <3 <3 <3

  2. Hi There! I had so much trouble with SAD that I moved from Western New York to Arizona. Right before I left, though, I found out about light box therapy and was ready to purchase one–pretty inexpensive and helpful. You turn it on and sit there with it shining into your face. Maybe an idea for you… I love your great attitude about life, warts and all. And I love the off-the-shoulder styles you’re showing here, too. Sending you sunshine and warmth from AZ!

  3. I think you are a inspiration for all of us. I had troubles with myself when I was younger an I still think I need to work in that every single day. No one is perfect and you show me how to love myself a little bit more. In the past I was completely broken, and I had to fix myself, and I wasn’t the one who should be fixed. Society should be fixed, and you make it a better place for people like me, who were broken and now they are fix themselves. Thank you, from my heart. Ps: sorry for my bad english, I’m portuguese.

  4. I just discovered you on YouTube and I absolutely love your videos. You are so upbeat and real. Wish I could send you some Florida Sunshine during the winter to brighten your day! What’s holding you to your midwestern location?

    1. oh you’re so sweet!!!! I LOVE Kansas – my family and my support system is here, but I definitely need to take better care of myself and start scheduling some sunny vacations through the winter months!!!!

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