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Plus Size Fashion Rut

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I have been wondering if maybe I’ve lost my flair for plus size fashion lately. I haven’t been getting excited about new things coming out, and at times it seems like maybe I’m even a little bit bored with the offerings of plus size retailers.

Of course, I’m not actually bored with plus size fashion. I’m just uninspired, I think. So, as I do every Spring, I’m going to try to put out as many looks as possible every week. I want to challenge myself to come up with outfits I like. I want to buy shoes (seriously, ya’ll I never buy shoes), and funky bell bottoms. I want to wear hats, and maybe even buy some jewelry.

So here we go! I’m going to be trying new things this Spring, re-invigorating myself! Where are your absolute favorite places to get accessories? How do you get excited about plus size fashion when you’re in a rut?

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Friday 20th of April 2018

No shoes?!? Gurrrrl, I can always find shoes. I will say, however, that chronic pain issues mean I can't wear some of the shoes I really WANT to wear, at least not on the daily. I love Alegria -- they have boots and sandals and mary janes and clogs, and they have so many awesome colors, patterns, and textures, and they're COMFORTABLE.

But I feel you about being in a rut. Partly I"m just kind of in a depression low, and partly I hate the idea that it's going to be summer (I'm opposite of most people. I loathe summer). Partly, I think, I just feel like I'm boring and not creative, but then, I don't want to be too out there. I'm not surrounded with people who take many fashion risks, and that makes it hard not just to get out of the box, but to really JUMP out of the box and dance on the lid.

I've started following more people on Insta, so maybe I'll get some new ideas. I hope you can get out of your rut, too.


Shadow Fat Cat

Monday 16th of April 2018

(previous reply with some misspelling corrections ) Hi Corissa! I have an idea about what I personally love to see from you and it is something that we do not get to see often in plus size community fashion hauls: SHOES!!!!

Many of us, just loveeeeeeeeee shoes (and bags but this is another whole fashion area)

I would like to write down some personal thoughts about being fat and shoes.

Although I admit that shoes market is way more expand for fat people than clothing market, there are many many many problems.

One aspect is comfort and another is nice, beautiful and stylish shoes. Oh also there is another one; afordable shoes. As a working class fat woman, I hold three jobs to make a living and I don’t own car. Every day I have to walk about 3-4 hours to get to my work places. Public transportation either is way too expensible either has a schedule that doesn’t fit me. So I have to walk long distances , carring a great weight in my back (my laptop and my books). Also one of my three jobs is working in a food industry as a chef. That demands lots of hours, literally running in the kitchen and no sitting for hours because of the amount of the work that I have to manage. So shoes matter. For our body, feet and legs integrity , for our health (although I don ‘t like to talk about health for various reasons, primarly because I think that if you don ‘t have good health you still matter, you still deserve respect and love, and it’s nobody’s damn business to give you lectures) , for our self acceptance, for our emotional , spiritual and psychological empowerment. Do the world knows how many people and especially women work in just difficult jobs? Do they understand that we need both supporting and beautiful shoes? And that’s not a luxury, that’s common sense.

Shoes and work Well shoes matter if you want a) to find a job, b) to be good at your job. Bosses and people of HR expect from you to wear the suitable "perfect" shoes. Are you a lawyer? then you have to wear hills. Are you a kinden garden teacher? Then you have to wear flats. Are you a chef? then you have to wear clogs. Image going to a company and be intervied for an office job wearing sneakers….

From another aspect, we need beautiful shoes , that give us the opportunity both to express our personal style and provide us support while we are doing our job.

Shoes and everyday life Well shoes, are important for our everyday lives too. They are an expression of our personal style, of our personal aesthetics. As with clothes, we must have access to products that we like and love without facing any difficulties . Shoes for walk, shoes for home wearing, shoes for special occations, shoes for the beach, shoes for a coffeee!

Fat people, sizing and access to shoes. Even though it’s easier to find shoes that fit us, it still remains in some occations a big problem . Discrimination for fat people even in shoes. Personally I wear 38 in Europe sizing , that means 7,5 in USA size chart. It is considered to be an average size , but can you image that I still cannot find or fit in the shoes that I want??? And that’s because shoes do not have the proper width. I love birkenstock and I love crocs , but they cannot be my only option. I know that there are many boots that fit perfect fat people, but that’s not the common case for the most of the shoes. Can you believe that I have tried many many many pairs of shoes that are supossed to be my size or even a size up and still can’t get into them? I am telling you the truth! I have bought in the past platforms (that are supposed to be wide shoes) and I had to get a size up because my size didn’t fit in the width!!!!! I have done this with a lot of pairs of my shoes. And what’s the result? after a while , they take the form of my foot (although they hurt me) and become longer so when I walk they do not fit in the length, they are larger! Also , most of the shoes do not provide elasticity. I cannot find heels to fit me although I am a size 7,5!!!!

It’s not my intension to be annoying. And it may seem silly to some people, but it’s really sad for some of us.

Sorry if that was too long , and sorry for the misspelling errors.

So my suggestion would be: shoes hauls!!! ? ? ?

have a nice day folks!


Saturday 21st of April 2018

Seconding shoe hauls!!!! I forget about them in the context of plus size fashion sometimes because I haven't always been fat but I have had wide foot problems since like... preschool, lol. But YES, please help me find shoes. Like the commenter above me, I also have average length but very wide feet, no car, and work in a restaurant (well "restaurant" lol it's fast food). For work I wear an ugly but surprisingly comfortable wide width men's shoe from Payless. All of my other shoes are from Simply Be, because I can find NOWHERE ELSE that sells EEE shoes. The first time I ordered a pair from them I could've cried because I WAS NO LONGER IN PAIN and it was amazing. So I love them but they're still the only place I can buy shoes and know they'll fit. Even places that offer "extra wide" are often far too narrow.