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My Favorite Cyber Monday Steals

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We made it through Black Friday. Hopefully you’re all unscathed and the capitalism didn’t kill you. The bad news? Every store you’ve ever needed to go into will be packed from now until the New Year. The good news? There’s one more sale day to be had, and you don’t have to leave your house for it!!!! Bless Cyber Monday!

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Now, you know I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with the sales that are sub-par. So this list is only the best. No 10% off sales here. We’re only talking about the big ones, baby! So where are they? Check ’em out below!


SimplyBe has been on their game all weekend long, with my absolute favorite huge sale and they’re not letting up for Cyber Monday! They’re bringing you the best plus size cyber monday deals with 52% off with the code CYBER52. 


Avenue is making the list because of their great size range, and bad ass wide calf boots. Sizes up to 32, with true wide calf boots makes this one of my faves! Use code CYBER at checkout for 50% off everything! 

Impish Lee

Impish Lee is one of those places you put on your Christmas wishlist and just hope and pray that someone will want to buy it for you. It’s luxury, and magical. And on Cyber Monday it’s 50% off. I have never loved a lingerie brand more, and even better? They are completely customizable. Don’t let the size chart fool you, they will make whatever you need to your measurements. Jump on this sale!!!! Watch my Youtube haul of my fave Impish Lee pieces below!

Old Navy 

No matter who you’re buying for, Old Navy is bound to have it. They’ve got adorable cold weather accessories, gifts for your partner, and the cutest dang toddler clothes on the planet (yes, my niece’s and nephew’s will be getting loads of them!). Plus, you get a free pair of cozy socks with every purchase that’s gonna be 50% off with code CYBER!!!!


It wouldn’t be a Cyber Monday sale without including Amazon. My favorite plus size pieces from them are from the Lark & Ro collection. But, as we all know… you can get ANYTHING on amazon! You can check out all their Cyber Monday deals here! ps – check out the adorable dolly and me set I’ll be getting my niece below!

Ok babes get it while the gettin’ is good!!! Happy Cyber Monday, I hope you get eveything your little heart ever desired!!!

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