Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February 9, 2018 No Comments

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February 9, 2018 No Comments

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Have a sweetheart you need to snag a gift for before Wednesday? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered (and so does Amazon’s 2-day shipping!). All of these gifts are gender neutral and inclusive of people from all backgrounds. Gift giving can be difficult and the pressure is so intense omg!!! Take a breath, peruse this guide, then remember that the best gift for your love bug is one that comes from you!

Tip: try pairing any of these last minute Valentine’s Day gifts with take out, a slice of their favorite dessert, or running a bath for your babe. Gifts are nice, knowing that you put thought into the gift giving experience is even nicer!

This Is Just My Face Try Not To Stare by Gabourey Sidibe

For anyone wanting to hear an incredible story about one bad ass babes journey to stardom and self awareness – this book is killer. Gabby Sidibe brings a hilarious and reassuring voice to a generation of fat kids that know they can kick ass.


Did you know that you can buy plants online?!?!? It’s amazing what the internet can do. If you have a dirt loving, sun bathing, hippy earth partner (like yours truly), they’re going to love getting a sweet little plant for V Day! Buy a couple small planters and some dirt and have a digging date to make your day extra sweet!

Smudge Kit

Does your babe need a little bit of fresh energy in their life? Are you enthralled with a witchy sex Goddess? Smudge kits can help clear negative and heavy energies in a person’s space and breath new life into stagnant homes. Start anew by doing a little smudging ceremony with your honey.

Real Love: The Art Of Mindful Connections by Sharon Salzberg

I am a sucker for mindfulness, and Sharon Salzberg writes in such a way that just makes you feel like she really gets it. When I am feeling unable to be vulnerable, or scared of what letting someone love me might look like, I turn to this book. Whether you have someone special in your life or not, this book is the kind of self-help love bible that everyone needs on their bookshelf.

Pretty Prints

It’s so hard to find and spend money on fancy things for our homes. But, there’s no better feeling than seeing art pieces you love hanging all around you while you take a nap on your sofa. Don’t know what kind of home goods your sweetie would like? Grab a gift card and let them choose!

Life Planner

For the busy business babe in your life, this planner doesn’t just schedule – it helps you be a more effective human being! Each week/month you can check in with your values and write down how you’re doing emotionally and where you energy is going – helping you to focus and reorganize any projects.


Some of my favorite gifts are ones that help ground me and bring me back into the moment. The tactile experience of toys like moonsand or even something like a lego set can help your loved one get in touch with the moment and feel more present. Check out the cute sand boxes you can get too!

So what’re you going to snagged your special babe? What are some of your favorite last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Whatever you do, do it with love!!!


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