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Holiday Gift Giving

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Holiday Gift Guide //


I am truly terrible at thinking of gifts for people. I know that there are a ton of cool things out there that would make lovely gifts for people, and I know that if I looked hard enough I would find them, but I don’t have that kind of time or energy! Well, this year I have been slowly collecting holiday ideas while writing other blog posts (yeah, pretty forward thinking of me, huh?), and now I get to share those cute little finds with all of you! Adorable holiday gifts for any budget. Some times all you need is a little inspiration to get your holiday gift giving juices flowing!

1. Faux Leather Tote – I’m in love with this tote. It comes in like 5 different color combinations (I die over the brown and mint combo), and is super reasonably priced at just under $50. Perfect for everyday use, or for the stylish student in your life that needs to carry around a laptop and a couple books!

2. Becca Highlighter – I just bought this set the other day and it is other worldly! Want your face to glow like the surface of the sun? This highlighter is for you! I have been feeling so drab and grey since Winter began, and this highlighter has perked my skin right up. While the full size version is nearly $45, this little kit goes a long way and sells for a super affordable $20.

3. Sugar Paper Planner – Yes, ok maybe you’re one of those people who has kept with the times and has a perfectly synced google calendar that keeps track of your every move. Good for you! I am not one of those people. I need paper. I need a pen. I need to physically write everything down or there is no hope for it staying in my brain. This one is cute, simple, effective, and only $18.

4. Tokyo Milk Candle – This candle is one of my favorites in the Winter. I love the warm scents of the fireside, but always miss the light scents of Summer when it gets cold out. This candle is the perfect not-to-fruity fit to make your home smell fresh and renewed, but still warm and cozy. If you’re looking for a really warm toasty scent check out the Dead Sexy variation. Both are $12.

5. Bacon Toffee Caramel Popcorn – For the adventurous foodie in your life, nothing says holiday love like bacon and toffee! This website also has lots of awesome holiday gift sets like Peck Of Pickles, Peanut Butter and Jelly Taster, and Dorm Munchies. The popcorn is $10.75, other prices vary.

6. Checked Tartan Scarf – You (and everyone else in your life) can never have too many scarves. They’re not just cold weather accessories, they’re now just a part of being cute and snuggly on an every day basis. They’re the universal language for “I brought my blanky outside with me because I just want to be comfy all the time and this is really soft on my face, ok?”. Everyone in your life will appreciate one, esspecially if they’re as cute as this. Because it’s only $20 you could even go big and throw in some adorable gloves!

7. Makeup Case – For the self-declared brat in your life (hi mom, if you’re reading this that’s me!), this makeup case is perfect. At under $6, I hope you have several beauty obsessed brats you can buy this for!

What are some of your favorite gifts you’re buying this year? Let me know in the comments! Happy Holiday Shopping!

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