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Carefree and Casual |

Carefree and Casual |

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Carefree and Casual |

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Carefree and Casual |


Carefree and Casual |

Let’s be super clear about something. When I say “carefree” I mean… braless. Every time.

I was heading out to get a shoulder tattoo redone and needed to wear something that was comfy and also accessible for the tattoo artist. What better than a romper??? I was super comfy the whole time, minus the part where I was getting tattooed. That sucked.

I started challenging my bra a long time ago. Even when I was young I hated them and just wore camisoles all the time. And then I got fat. And my breasts got larger. I started wearing size reducing bras. There was something about my new boobs that made me feel like they were taking up too much space.

So I started thinking about why I thought that.

Look, I’d like to tell you that I came to the conclusion that not wearing a bra is no big deal because nobody is even paying attention. But I can’t. Because terribly mean, offensive, nasty things like “people of walmart” exist. And you can’t scroll through a page of the blog without seeing some fat woman with large breasts, or a strong panty-line, or super tight leggings, being made fun of. The fact of the matter is, when I started thinking about why I was scared of large boobs on my fat body the answer became pretty clear. I’ve been taught to take up as little space as possible, to not stand out.

I knew what I had to do. I had to give up my bra. I had to go to walmart with a loose jersey dress on without any boob restrictions. I had to rebel!!! And so I did. Over and over again. At first I found myself tentatively holding my arms across my chest, then slowly (over the last year) I just… let go.

Now, I’m not saying everyone should go burn their bras in some free-breast rebellion (though that could be cool!). Some people love bras, some people need them, and lots of people feel most confident in them. But what would happen if we all just challenged our body hang-ups a little bit? What if we rebelled a little?

For me it meant being able to get a super awesome shoulder tattoo without worrying about how I can’t wear a bra while it heals… what would it mean for you?

Jacket – similar
Romper – similar
Shoes – birkenstock
bag – similar

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Miriam Cabrera

Tuesday 7th of July 2015

Reading this post made me think about the different experiences of fatness. To me, being fat has been a big boost in my femeninity. I was an A cup at 140. Now, I'm a B or C and I just feel so much more femenine!


Saturday 13th of June 2015

You look beautiful in that romper and jacket.Pretty girl. Which size do you usually wear 1X ,2 X? I used to buy clothes at forever 21 + but i was surprised their 3X is sometimes smaller than a 2Xof Torrid for example. What do you think?