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peanut butter colored cut out leather bootie above wide width shoe description

If you’re a cute little chubby-footed babe, you know the struggle of shopping for adorable shoes that can comfortably cradle your feet. I always have a solid rotation about 5 shoes in my closet, and lots more that I don’t wear because they just don’t fit well enough. Recently, I’ve really been making an effort to buy comfortable, durable, and well fitting shoes, that I am also totally obsessed with. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been pretty fun! If you’re in the same boat as me, and want to start placing a little more priority on your fine little feet, this list is a great place to start. Here are 10 places to shop for wide width shoes:


This is my go-to store every year when I start shopping for knee high boots! I love them because they offer lots of options in many differing price points, so there’s always something that works for me. They also have a great size chart, and go up to a size 13!


I think most of us know that this plus size clothing giant carries great clothes, but how often do you check out their shoes? Because Asos has a HUGE amount of wide width shoes, with sizes going up to 11!

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant has tons of options for shoes ranging from casual to formal to fun at the pool. These wide width shoes range in size from 7-12 and are very affordably priced and often paired with a sale. They offer boots year round, sandals, flats, and heels so that you can find a shoe for any occasion. Lane Bryant is a huge name in plus size with an inspiring story that has always remained body positive.


Torrid has been increasing their stock of fashionable shoes for a couple years now, and I’m finally sold on a lot of their styles. I also just really love Torrid’s commitment to the belief that my fat ass can walk in 4 1/2 inch heels and appreciate their faith in my balance. It’s the little things, ya know? Sizes go up to 13.


Comfortview is a brand of shoes that specializes in wide widths. While they don’t have their own store front, they’re sold on several plus size sites. They do have a store on Amazon, that’s easy to access and gives you all the latest styles. Sizes go up to 13.

Pink and tan wide width women's espardrille shoe

Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart came out with some super cute sandals this year, and I’m pumped (haha shoe jokes!) to see what comes out this fall. They have lots of awesome strappy sandals and their shoes are eye catching without being overwhelming. Into it. Make sure you check their sale section, because their sale shoes don’t show up on the “view all” page! Up to size 12.


Target can be such a great resource for fashionable and affordable plus size wear. They have so many options for plus size work wear. concerts, pool, chillin at home, or really whatever activity you get yourself into. Target has a large variety of cute and fashionable wide width shoes ranging from flats/casual to heels and club wear. Even their incredible Universal Thread line is making wide width women’s shoes!

tan cut out bootie similar to free people boot

Yours Clothing

All of their shoes are a EEE fit (which basically means they’re as wide as they come), so you don’t have to worry about sizing or whether or trying to figure out if you’re a “curvy wide” or “super wide”, which I totally appreciate. And look at these adorable rain boots. To die for. Sizes up to 13.

Woman Within

This site has a lot of great options for casual, comfortable, and athletic shoes. The prices are affordable and everyone loves a multifunctional shoe: athletic and cute. These would be perfect with some leggings and a cute athletic crop top. #athleisure.

Forever 21

Forever 21 always has something hip and trendy going on and they aren’t stopping when it comes to shoes. Their wide width section is small but mighty with fashion-forward pieces like these lemon yellow sandals and their extensive amount of plus size clothes would make an awesome duo.


No list of shoes is complete without Zappos. The site is a bit hard to navigate when looking for wide width shoes, but that’s just because they carry every damn shoe under the sun. Sizes go up to 13.

So, you think you’re ready to give those super cute wide feet the lovin’ they deserve? Do you have any other favorite places to shop for shoes? Let me know in the comments!

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Plus Size Work Wear
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Wanda Spigner

Saturday 20th of March 2021

Thank you for being , our personal shopper !


Friday 5th of March 2021

Target and Firever 21 both sell B (medium) width with a small selection of C width.

Wide widths are from C to EE, also called DD or 2E. Some wide width shoe companies do sell larger widths than EE.

Wide width shoe companies (not all are listed): - Cypress - Penaljo - Clarks - Pierre - Hill & Dale - Tate - New Balance - Birkenstock


Friday 19th of June 2020

What if only the TOP portion of your foot is wide due to bunions? The traditional wide width shoe is too loose for the bottom portion of my foot; lots of space there. I can't wear high heels due to bunions making it difficult or impossible for my foot to slip in, but the rest of the foot (lower half) is fine. The bunions are NOT painful; doctor says no need for surgery if there's no pain. Don't want surgery unless there's pain (recovery is eight weeks; can't afford that).


Friday 5th of March 2021

@Sesca, you need a Combination Last (wide front and narrow heel). They are out there. Go to either New York, Las Vegas, or Seattle's shoe district. You will get measured with a Brannock and then fitted.


Monday 23rd of March 2020

I use LongTallSally,cause I wear a size 15,so none of those you listed I can fit.


Friday 3rd of April 2020

Oh I like long tall sally as well! I should add them!


Monday 12th of August 2019

Try just fab. They have cute affordable wide width shoes. They are a subscription service, but you can always skip the month. They also have wide calf boots!


Monday 12th of August 2019

i used to have a subscription but gave it up - maybe I should try it again?