June 17, 2015 2 Comments


June 17, 2015 2 Comments

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Understated A-Line | fatgirlflow.com

Understated A-Line | fatgirlflow.com

Understated A-Line | fatgirlflow.com

Understated A-Line | fatgirlflow.com

I have been a bit bored with A-line plus size skirts lately. I just have felt so stuck showing off my “good” attributes for so long, that I’ve been rebelling against anything that plays up my hourglass figure. I know, that probably makes me sound like an asshole. I’m pretty lucky that I’ve been able to slide under the fat-shaming radars for so long because I “carry my weight well”, that definitely isn’t lost on me. And damn it, I love an a-line skirt. I’m just so scared of getting stuck in the same fashion rut that I’ve always been in that I constantly feel like I have to be pushing and challenging my style, and not conforming to what others think make me look good.

Last week I saw Amina of Studio Mucci rocking the new look book she did with Modcloth, and I realized that it’s not the a-line skirt that is monotonous or boring… it’s how I’m styling it. Ok Ok, I’m not going to have magical fairy hair like Amina any time soon, but everyone has to start somewhere. And I’m starting with a little lipstick.

So here’s to re-envisioning my go-to white T and a-line skirt. I’ve got a couple really great skirts to practice with this summer, so stay tuned!

Skirt – Modcloth
Tank top – Walmart
Shoes – old. so old. how do I even own shoes this old?
Handbag – Patricia Nash
Belt- similar
Lipstick – Wet and Wild


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  • Liz July 8, 2015 at 10:55 pm

    This is very cute. I always have trouble looking at my arms in short-sleeve tops, and this shows it can be done. The length of the skirt (doesn’t show dimples) is also flattering.

  • Caitlin Melton February 20, 2016 at 11:53 pm

    Omg You look so cute in this! I would love to have this outfit taken for spring pictures ❤️

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