Our Fave Plus Size Halloween Costumes!

October 18, 2018 1 Comment

Our Fave Plus Size Halloween Costumes!

October 18, 2018 1 Comment

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This post contains affiliate links.

Y’all know me by now, so you know I don’t do particularly well when the seasons change. I need my sunshine. Yeah, I get it, the fall colors are gorgeous, but I’m more in it for the sweaters, if I’m being honest. That is with one exception: Halloween.

When I was a kid we took Halloween very seriously. Saturdays at the pumpkin patch, picking out the perfect pumpkin ripe with Jack-O-Lantern potential. Scouring the racks of costumes at Kmart and pleading with our mom to let us take one home. Then, of course, there was the day itself! What greater joy for a child than this magical holiday?!

In our house we used pillowcases for our candy bags – PILLOWCASES! Like I said, it was magical. 

These days I’m more likely to experience this joy vicariously through my niblings, and true to form the Ennekings are passing down the traditions full-force. I realize it may seem unnecessary to wear a costume just to escort kiddos around the neighborhood – but have you ever seen a child’s face light up when they see a grown adult in full costume? Worth it.

Whether you’re keeping it low-key this halloween with some sugar-crazed children or tearing it up at the club, the fun of dressing up is too good to deny! Who said being an adult has to be boring?

Let’s get spooky!

Handmaid’s Tale Gown, $35

Margaret Atwood’s dystopian book is too eerily relevant for us to handle (the Patriarchy is the actual scariest thing, amiright?) This costume is both spooky, adult-halloween-party friendly, and definitely warm enough for some actual trick-or-treating!

Handmaid’s Tale Bonnet, $35

Plus Size Wonder Woman Costume, $75, up to size 5x

Pair this amazing costume with a little bad ass super hero vibe and you are good to go!

Plus Size Stranger Things Eleven Costume, $38.90

Fawn Costume, $42, up to size 4x

If you’ve seen my recent YouTube vid, you know that costume makeup isn’t my strongest skill – but I’m pretty confident even I could manage this simple face-paint to complete this adorable fawn look!

Spooky Dresses, $19-22, up to size 5x

Show your festive side without breaking the bank. This cute piece comes in a variety of festive prints and gives the impression that you didn’t stop giving up on Halloween as soon as someone suggested “trick-or-treating was for kids” and not adults. Thankfully, as such an adult you can buy your own bag of candy without the need for door-to-door begging 😉

While I love the simplicity of buying a costume, there’s something to be said for a little DIY Halloween crafting. Check out my latest YouTube video for more Do It Yourself Halloween ideas!


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  • Brianne October 15, 2017 at 9:26 pm

    Honestly I’d wear “Ms Meow” IRL!

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