Where To Shop: Plus Size Active Wear

February 13, 2019 14 Comments

Where To Shop: Plus Size Active Wear

February 13, 2019 14 Comments

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Plus size active wear! athleisure! Sitting on your couch in dirty yoga pants! Whatever it is you like to do in “active” clothes is up to you. The beautiful thing is that the options for plus size people are getting a lot cuter and more affordable too! Thank goodness, because I’ve been feeling pretty left out from the whole “yoga mom” trend.

You’ve all been asking for a master-post of workout-worthy and super comfy daily wear looks! So here we go! I can remember when I was around 20 and not able to find any yoga pants in an XXL. We’ve come a long way! Here’s a list of plus size active wear with lots of options, up to size 34!

Old Navy

I’ve become quite the sucker for Old Navy lately. The basics are just so cute and the prices are usually really reasonable even when things aren’t on sale (though there is almost always a sale). I love the look of their plus size active wear because it is simple and clean and while I’ll obviously wear my yoga pants all over town, I also feel just as comfy laying in them for a long weekend. I’m a really big fan of their muscle tees as well! Sizes go up to 4x (size 30), and prices are right around $25 for a piece.


If you love athleisure as much as I do, then a YogaClub membership might be just thing for you! You can choose how frequently you want a box, and what styles you like, and you get a nice little plus size activewear surprise in the mail every month! They carry some of my favorite brands in their boxes and you get a huge discount off the MSRP. Use code FGF and you can get $20 off your subscription for life!


If you’re not from the midwest US you may have never heard of this retailer, but they’re gaining some recognition for their evolving plus size line. My favorite plus size active wear that they offer is definitely the leggings options. They have cute patterns and varying styles, and all of them come with a large waist band (which I appreciate). Each piece is right around $30, and sizes go up to a 4 (or size 28).


ASOS’s “curve” collection carries plus size pieces form their own brand, and other brands like Puma, South beach, and River Island as well! They have a wide price range with some pieces starting at $16, and some going up to around $100


Avenue actually recognizes that people over a size 24 want to wear comfy yoga pants and stretchy jackets, and even makes some super cute things! I own a pair of leggings from Avenue, and they have lasted me quite some time (about 3 years now!) so I’m a fan! Sizes go up to 32, and prices are around $40 a piece (but there is always a sale going on!).

Forever 21+

If you’re a small fat (under size 24), you’ve no doubt seen the new Forever 21 line of active wear. I have absolutely died over it. You guys, I cannot justify buying every piece in this line (because let’s be real, where am I going to wear that… not the gym!), but damn it if I could I would. This line is just stylistically so on point. They’ve got those little multi-strap numbers that they’ve been selling to skinny girls over on Lulu-fatphobe for years, and they even made stuff in marble print. If you can wear these sizes, do us all a favor and buy all of it, ok? Prices are around $20, sizes up to 3x.


Torrid is a plus size staple, so it’s no surprise that their active wear line is on-point. Leggings, bras, bike shorts – you name it, they’ve got it. The pieces are reasonably priced, and are true to Torrid’s sizing, which takes out a lot of the guesswork for how leggings are going to fit! Sizes from 10-30.


I use to assume that Nordstroms was exclusively for bougie straight-sized white girls – boy was I wrong! Nordstroms has some incredible yearly sales and includes brands like Good American that carries sizes up to 6XL and Nike which carries up to a size 3X. If you’re not shopping their sales, it can be a bit pricey but the quality more than warrants the sometimes spendy price tags.


This is another shop I just heard about! I’ve heard really good things about them, and all of their active/lounge wear looks really comfy! I can’t wait to give this place a try!


Girlfriend is an incredible new plus size active wear company that I’m loving! Their sizing is super inclusive with leggings up to a size 6X and bras up to a size 3X. Even better? All of their items are made from recycled plastic bottles and come in LOADS of fun colors.

Leggings sell for around $70 and sports bras are right around $40 – and they’re 100% worth the price!

I’ve been asked a few times to do a review of sports bras, so this post really inspired me to make a little list of bras I’ll be trying! I’ll let all of you know as soon as that review is out, and if you have any other active wear retailers you’d like me to try please let me know! I hope you found something awesome!



  • Sarah January 29, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    A few other indie retailers to check out: LineageWear (goes up to 4X), Fractal 9 (5X), Personal Record (4X). FWIW, I think all 3 mostly just do leggings, but still good resources to have.

    • fatgirlflow January 30, 2016 at 4:28 pm

      thanks Sarah!!!! I’ll add these to the list very soon!!!

    • Caroline September 20, 2016 at 6:10 pm

      Just got a pair of personal record. Theyre a dream!! Great recs

  • Jen February 16, 2016 at 3:59 am

    I have a few others to share ! Nordstrom has some great stuff. I buy mine when they have the semi annual sale and they are half off its by Zella but they run a size small in their yoga pants. If u splurged like I did and got a 150 dollar pair of no show yoga pants try Dear Kate and their underwear too I love them ! One other is addition Elle. Cute stuff sadly I make my boobs fit into the sports bras at lane Bryant no sudden moves or yoga that day lol the ones they make my size ( like two) look like regular bras and hurt. I want the forever 21 one I’m willing to stand and not go to dance class just to wear it lol

  • Jessica March 10, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Oddly, I’ve found Kohl’s to have a great selection, too! If you go on their site, there are 7-8 PAGES of plus size activewear! Whut. That never happens. Only downer is that the brand I like most stylistically (Gaiam) runs SUPER SMALL. Pricing at Kohl’s varies widely, their sales are AMAZING. I’ve been getting tops from $8-$11 (on sale)! They have a great range, from super cute strappy things to more modest options.

  • Robyn F. June 8, 2016 at 2:42 pm

    Junonia has awesome activewear clothing. High quality. I got a pair of dual-layer shorts that prevent chafing while walking. LOVE them! The also have sunblock clothing.

    Thank you for this blog!

  • Susan v d walt December 13, 2016 at 2:12 am

    Where can i shop in gauteng pretoria for gym clother bigger sizes

  • Sam March 5, 2019 at 1:05 am

    A friend of mine shops at an online store called Climawear. She says she always gets her size and they’re super comfortable. Might be a good fit for you too.

  • .Margaret Little April 16, 2019 at 8:39 pm

    K-Deer has up to 3x in great colours and stripes

  • Brittany January 15, 2020 at 6:01 pm

    Good American is awful, their sizes run about 4 sizes small. I’m a 44b in bras and a size 7 in good American sports bra barely fits over my head. I’m a 3x in pants, and I can’t pull a 7 over my belly. The Materials are tight, not stretchy and they’re see through. Steer clear. Also they let you place orders for items that they don’t have in stock and will send you what pieces they do have and don’t give you an option to cancel them so let’s say you wanted to get a matching sports bra and leggings that and the bra was out of stock they would still send you the leggings and not tell you the bra was canceled it just doesn’t show up in the box.

    • fatgirlflow January 18, 2020 at 12:49 pm

      yikes this sounds awful!!!! i’m sorry that happened what a crap experience!

  • Toni March 11, 2020 at 11:35 am

    Having been a fat girl for a long time and having had all active jobs, i.e. military and police, I have had to find active wear wherever I could. Macy’s is overlooked and can have some fantastic buys, unfortunately now they are in a pinch and closing stores, they have even better sales. Old Navy clothing seems to fall apart and warp out of shape quickly, but very light fabrics in colorful prints. My favorite of all time is Ross, it’s hit and miss, because it’s a discount retailer, but you can find, Fabletics, Danksin, Calvin Klein, Under Armor, etc. check it out. It’s fun because you never know what you will find. Check out their socks, they even have yoga socks. They sell gear as well, mats, weights, bands. Enjoy. Love your site <3

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