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  1. This is a great list. I was surprised to find sites I’d never heard of before and am now excited to go get some cute new clothes! GREAT JOB!

          1. Some of Catherines clothing is all cotton. Their lower priced tops tend to be made of cotton. This helps you to find them without going into the product description.

        1. Thanks for this list! I was lost when Fashion Bug closed and then Dress Barn, As soon as we get a great store they close it, I don’t know why the demand is there. I also shop Boohoo online. They are a European store but have recently started selling the US. I find there stuff to be inexpensive and pretty well made, Sizes run on the larger size, but it makes me feel better about myself. Lol
          Thanks again,.

  2. Thanks for compiling this list, I look forward to each addition! I wasn’t aware I had so many options!

  3. Any idea where I can get the skirt in the first /cover picture!? Always wanted one of the suspender skirts but I’ve never been able to find one 🙁
    And of course, thank you for the links! 😀

    1. Hi Ruby! Thanks for stopping by! The overall dress in that picture is from several years ago. BUT, I will be doing a tutorial on how to make one of these dresses (easily) very very soon!

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  5. Thank you so much for this list. I just bought three dresses from eShakti. This weekend they are having a buy one get one free special (until April 27) and I got a $40 gift certificate for signing up, including a free alteration. I saved over $70 and the dresses are all super cute.

    1. YAYY!!!!! I’m so glad you found something you loved and got such a STEAL on it!!!! Thanks for stopping by, Mer. I’m sure the dresses will look amazing on you!!! <3

  6. Thank you so much for this list, I spent over an hour over at eShakti and I could almost cry at how much their stuff suits my style. There are so many more options on here that I never knew about, thank you so, so much!

    1. Awwww that makes me SO SO happy!!!! Eshakti is an amazing brand and I’m sure you’ll love tons of stuff they have! We all deserve to feel like our styles are represented and get to wear clothes we love! <3 Thanks for reading <3

  7. I already shop at Roaman’s, One Stop, Woman Within and Catherine’s. Mostly Woman Within. Great clothes and very comfortable.

  8. Thank you SO much for doing this. Big on Batik was the only new one to me & their dresses are adorable. It made me smile to see actual fat girls like me modeling their clothing & looking happy.


    1. Meshel your blog is so cute!!!! If everyone can walk away with even just ONE store they hadn’t know about before I’ll be happy! Big on Batik is so cute and I totally agree, I LOVE that their models look like the people I know!!!! <3 thank you for stopping by, I'll definitely be checking in on your blog!

  9. I love buying clothes from India. They usually sell up to a 52 inch bust. I would not know what that equates to in sizes. Utsav is one of my favorites.

  10. I found EShakti the other day and was blown away, lovely dresses in my size that I could customize! So happy I had several dresses in my cart when I realized they don’t ship outside the us and canada. As I live in the Netherlands I was gutted.
    Does anyone know a similar shop that does deliver in europe? I would be so grateful 🙂

    1. Hi Miki! There is a site called dressmavens but they are MUCH more expensive than eshakti. If I can find another site that I think is very similar to eshakti but delivers overseas I will be sure to feature them very soon!!!!

  11. Thanks for the list but what about those of us that don’t like shopping on line? I hate the hassle of ordering, trying on and returning clothes that don’t fit. I want to be able to go into a store and actually try the clothes on…. I’d love to get more ideas of places that carry over a 28 and have an actual retail store (besides Catherines). Thanks!!

    1. I would love that option too, Stacey. There are a lot of independent shops but they’re few and far between and spread out around the US. I promise once manufacturers actually decide to put their clothing in brick and mortar stores, I will be singing their praises. Until then, online is some times our best bet.

  12. I’m so surprised to find shops I didn’t even know about! Thank you so much for doing these lists; the feeling of being “too fat” for fat girl clothes suuuuuuuucks. Thanks again so much for taking the time to do these! <3

  13. Are these sites for reals? I ordered about 6 items off of “” and omg. It’s been over a month and I haven’t received anything. I also ordered from ” Sammy dresses” and they haven’t sent me anything. I really want to buy stuff online but I’m scared now.

    1. hi babe. Yes, the sites listed are for real and they’re not the same kind of sites as sammydress. Most are based in the US and are more than reliable. I’m so sorry you had that experience with those companies!

  14. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for including my label in your list 🙂
    Just wanted to call by to thank you, and say hi!
    I really appreciate you giving some exposure to indie designers like me.
    And I am so happy to design for lovely plus ladies – at the moment I do up to size 32 in my leggings and in the new skirts and dresses coming out next month, but am always happy to make to order if anyone needs one of my designs in a bigger size than that.

  15. Woman Within is an Excellent place to get plus-size clothing. And everything is still pretty, no horizontals or florals!!! Please add it to your great list of stores?

  16. Hi, can you give us girls from the UK some ideas for online/shops too as its so hard over here to get clothing for us BBW . xx

  17. Hi Corissa, thanks for the great list. Unfortunatly most of that places dont ship internationally… 🙁 I hope i will find some new shops that deliver to Germany. I hate that eshakti doesnt do this … their stuff looks sooo great..

  18. I found you this morning while I was searching YouTube for a Rainbow Shops review in plus size before shopping there. I’m like a carbon copy of your body / same height, same size. In short, you now have a newly obsessed fan. Love what you do!

  19. Thank you so much for having this site….I’ve been a plus size for a while and can never find clothes that I feel beautiful and comfortable in….your an angel

  20. I just got my first order from eShakti. I am so pleased!
    I can’t thank you enough for writing about this company. Now I can buy clothing that will fit at a reasonable price. And the pricing is amazing, the size 30 doesn’t cost any more than the size 2! How great is that???
    Again, thanks so much!!!

  21. Hello sweetie, I am a 63 Year young gal you remind me of me when I was your age! I know I have magenta hair and still wear cute clothes. You always make me laugh I just wanted to tell you hello and you have a lot to look forward to thank you

    1. Me too Kym. I sent them a message to tell them about the huge gap in the market over here. Never know, if they keep getting messages from Australians they might let up on non-international shipping?

  22. Woman within is a catalog that is very budget minded. You have to look carefully, but excellent for basics, lots of sales. 5 and 6x in some stuff.

  23. im from south africa i love style but with the body i have i cnt show my fabulous i need help where can i get your style

    1. @precious, The entire article above is about getting clothes in your size you just need to read through it and then you’ll see all of the clothing sites that she’s talking about.

  24. Just to mention Torrid now goes up to size 30. For now a lot of that is still online but you can have them ship the items stright to the store and return them right there if they don’t work. To make shopping there cheaper I always look out for their sales, like the buy one dress (on clearance) get two free, it makes for good deals.

    I havn’t tried many of the other store in the list but can’t wait to check them out.

  25. Bought me to tears….literally. Thank you so much for this no b******t list.

    Here, in Australia we are still sooo backwards when it comes to fat girl fashion. How dare we think of enjoying our bodies and being fashionable, funky or whatever we want to be!! If you are over size 24 here you are unworthy of clothing, literally no in store clothing, nowhere on the continent! All sizes above this must be ordered online and its pitiful quality. Trying wearing a tent with Granny knickers and feeling good, or looking 40 years older than you are….yeah, not me.

    I was over joyed and drooling at the Eshakti site, the dresses are to die for. To know there are beautiful clothes out there in my size is an amazing feeling. Crying. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! (Also…loved the Society+ site with the larger GORGEOUS models giving you a better idea of what the clothing will look like on a larger frame)

  26. I have a big tummy no butt lol and no boobs all of my bras roll what kind would you suggest???also im looking for cut winter putfits that dont make me look like a cow can you please help me you are beautiful and confident

  27. Hi Carissa, do you know any clothing people over here in England? I live in Cornwall and it’s very difficult to find extra plus dresses and tops etc. . Kind regards Sheila

  28. I almost gave up. Thank you so much for making this list, and for keeping it updated. I was in tears of frustration before I found it, and I’m in tears of joy now that I’ve found it. I’ve been struggling with depression off and on for over a year, and I thought I’d buy something nice to help me look and maybe feel better. After looking for clothes ALL DAY (it is now 9:30 at night) all I managed to find was that at some point, all the “mediums” that I used to know, became “plus sized”. Anything I did find, was completely devoid of shape or style and was merely there to cover me up, and nothing else. Again thank you so very much, truly from the bottom of my heart.

  29. Great! This Best Guide on this post…I’ve been plus size for a while and can never find clothes that I feel beautiful and comfortable in….your an angel.
    Thanks For Sharing With us.

    1. Sooo… I scrolled all the way down to reply. Please forgive me if someone already said this,
      Old Navy carries up to 4x which I would say is really maybe a 5x/6x based on my buying experiences with them. I’m VERY Top heavy (N), & there’s plenty of room for more! 😉
      I’ve bought..
      1-Swing/hobo dress
      5-Ribbed Tanks
      2-Cowl Neck Sweater dresses
      1-Field Jacket {long}
      1-Long Winter Puffer Coat
      & maybe a few other things I forgot. Hahaha
      I haven’t bought any t-shirts/blouses bcs most are always way too short for mi ladies. I will muster up the courage one day, when I’m ready jic there’s alotta cussin’, fussin’ & disappointment!
      For now I’ll stick w/my cheap 3 pack of FOTL white men’s undershirts!
      You can sign up for their AMAZING sale text alerts too!
      THANK YOU FGF for all this info! Happy Hunting Ladies! <3<3<3

      1. Old Navy is not Petite friendly just an FWI. I bought two supposedly 25” inseam jumpsuits and had to return them both, actually 31” inseams.

  30. For last, one year I buy my stylish plus size clothes from Ulla Popken store. But this time I’ve found the best Ulla Popken Coupons, from the MyCoupons site. I applied the code at the time of purchase. Surprisingly, It worked and & got 22% Off on my purchase & got benefited.

  31. This is a great article. I wish I’d seen it sooner! Several of the sites you list I’ve not heard of so I’ve had lots of fun scrolling through new clothing options. The only issue I still have with plus size clothing companies is their lack of attention to SSBB’s. SUPERSIZE BOOBIES! I wear a 52F or 54G depending on how its cut and I can no longer find bras to fit while in stores, let alone anything I’d want anyone else to see! Big girls AND big boobs need love too!

  32. This is great to find real plus size clothing, but why is it you have to pay so much more money compared to smaller people. These prices are not affordable to most people.

    1. I agree. Why I like Rainbow but they only go up to barely my size (22/24) and Roaman’s/Woman Within. I can’t afford a lot of these.

    2. @Vicki Seitz q,

      Plus size clothing is more expensive because it’s:
      1. produced to supply a smaller market, and
      2. takes a lot more fabric to make!

      More materials/product/labour = more $$$ when you’re buying food, building supplies, plants, ANYTHING. So once you’re dealing with clothes outside of normal size range and market majority, why should it be any different?

  33. Great! I am plus size. I really not find a cloth for my size. I will surely go thought this. thanks for sharing.

  34. Hi there please add Love Your Peaches Clothing! Fab finds up to 10x been shopping with them for almost ten years. Customized as well! Diana.

  35. I am plus size. I really not find a cloth for my size.
    Thank you so much for making this list, and for keeping it updated. I was in tears of frustration before I found it,

  36. I am a big girl and have always been. I have a small chest A/B cup and I can NEVER find a bra that fits correctly. I don’t even know the band size anymore. Or how to accurately measure for that. Then I have a large, round stomach, a fat flap between belly button and top of fupa. It goes all the way around like an inner tube, so my hips are wide. My legs are mostly muscle, with 20 inch calves. I wish more companies made shirts and dresses with a colorful/busy/patterned chest/bust area and dark on the bottom to help us A cup babes. Does anywhere sell bras for me?
    It is 3am and I still have no luck.

    1. @Samantha Shipley, I don’t know if you’ve gotten any answers yet but I also am small chested. I wear a 52A and about the only place I can get a bra that size is I hope you have already found somewhere but if not that site is awesome

  37. I know it wouldn’t be the easiest to find what you want, but I want to suggest Etsy. There are designers on there who will do custom sizing and who are likely trying to start a brand or plus size business. I predict buying there will help us all have more options in the future!

  38. Wonderful article! Thank you for posting I went to a few sites I have never been to before and I actually ordered off Curve Girl to see if sizing is true to size. I should know by next weekend! <3 Fingers crossed! #BBW #BEXTRABW #over45androckingit

  39. Thank you so very much for this updated list. I look forward to checking out all the sites. I wanted to let everyone know that Catherine’s has closed. It was heartbreaking to me because that is where all my adult clothes have come from for years. Catherine’s is truly missed in my family. My mom shopped there as did my sister. Happy shopping ladies !!

    1. @kc, They have not had one new item since they ‘moved’ to online only (one stop plus). They are simply selling off old inventory, advertised as new. Sorry to tell you that. I too, was devastated, but finding this last thing out was the true end of my heart! No one will admit that that is what is happening, but trust me, I’ve been CLOSELY following this for a year. They are truly gone.

  40. I am so impressed with the models in your clothing. When a woman is obese the last thing she wants to see when looking for clothes is a tiny lady wearing an outfit that is supposed to be designed for a larger size woman. Thank you for making your displays of clothing acceptable to us fluffy gals.

  41. I know this is an old post, but I only just found it and wanted to say THANK YOU! I have been searching high and low for a pair of jeans (in a size 34) and couldn’t find anything until now. I am just so grateful.

  42. I’m looking for black pantyhose to fit my 350 lbs body! I’m so angry that I have spent money on hose (and other clothing) only to bring it home and it does not fit.

  43. I’m a size 30 and I have found really cute clothes at Hot Topic. Their sizes go up to a size 30 and I found that they are a little big on me. Another shop that has trendy 28+ is Torrid. They only go up to a size 30 but I have also found that some of their size 30 is a little oversized. They are pricey but I always shop the clearance racks and get things way cheaper (usually out of season) but save a lot of money. Thanks for this blog I will try some of these other places as it’s good to know where to shop since I am just one size over the size that most conventional stores stop selling at so that is very frustrating.

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