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Plus Size Clothing Size 28+ UPDATED!!!

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Most plus size retailers would have us believing that anyone over a size 28 is plain outta luck. Yet when I walk down the street I don’t see women size 28+ flaunting their beautiful unclothed bodies…. so that must mean GASP they also need clothes to wear!!!! Shocking, I know. Fat people need clothing. Fat WOMEN need clothing. They need clothing that doesn’t come from a mens big and tall store (though, let’s be honest all of us look stellar in an over-sized button up).

So this one is for my fat babes size 28+. The plus size clothing industry leaves you behind way too often. You deserve to feel amazing in everything you put on your body.

Universal Standard

Universal Standard is creating incredible quality clothing, tons of options, and up to size 40! They’ve recently committed to creating all new styles in their full size range and we are stoked! While many plus size women’s clothing companies are making their extended sizes less of a priority, Universal Standard is keeping it at the forefront of their mission. Their prices start around $50.

Daily Ritual

Have ya’ll seen this new line on Amazon??? Everything is under $30 and IT GOES UP TO SIZE 7X (size 40). All the pieces are basics and essentials that can be dressed up or down. Reasonably priced plus size clothing over size 28 that arrives in two days?! YES PLEASE!


Catherine’s is a staple for many people over size 28. They carry up to a size 36 (or 5x), and have so many options! Catherine’s is not only a a great place for daily wear, but they also carry active wear, bras, and awesome outerwear as well. They’re covering all your bases!!! Prices start around $25.

Tuesday Of California

I am completely in love with this brand. I’ve got several pieces from them (my fave you can see here). All of their in house items are created up to size 6x/30, and are amazing quality. Supporting small businesses and getting cute plus size clothes at the same time? Win! Prices start around $60.

Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart has been an amazing force in the plus size community for a long time, and they have some great clothes, and now they have great clothes that go up to size 34/36! While the selection is limited, they are working on getting all of their designs into the full extended size range very soon! Their prices start around $25.

Ulla Popken

With sizes up to 38, Ulla Popken is a great place to shop for chic and hip plus size clothing. Because not all plus size babes are super tall, they are a great option for petite plus sizes with their “short” option in jeans and pants! Though most of the clothes are priced around $50, there is a really great “outlet” section of the website where you can find plenty of cute things for a steal! I’m also super excited about their new menswear line that goes up to 7x!

SuperFit Hero

Superfit hero is the wildly inclusive plus size activewear brand you’ve been dreaming of. With sizes up to 7x (or 40-42) they have got you covered for all your working out or lounging around needs. They’re comfy, and the matching sets make me swoon. Prices start around $50.

Curve Girl

Curve Girl is a new one to our list! They carry up to size 8x and the jeans shown below even go to a size 46! Curve Girl believes women shouldn’t be relegated to untrendy clothes just because of their size, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m so happy to have this new addition to our list and I hope you check them out! Prices are super reasonable too! Starting at $25!

On The Plus Side

With sizes from 22-48 (1X-8X), making it big truly caters to the larger plus size woman. They have petite and long styles in their pants, and I’ve heard from several people that their quality is excellent. This brand is more expensive than some others, but would be a great place for staple pieces like a great pair of jeans. Prices start around $70.


I absolutely love this brand’s all around sophisticated look. They have beautiful work wear that would be amazing to twirl around an office in. While their prices are higher than some on the list, the pieces I own from them are solid and have lasted me a long time. And look how beautiful some of these prints are! Sizes up to 32 (5x), prices start around $45. I recommend buying from their Amazon shop for the best prices on their items!

One thing I know for sure is that WE NEED MORE PLUS SIZE STORES CARRYING OVER SIZE 28!!! Every time I update this post I feel excited by the newcomers and always a little sad to see a couple disappear as well. As a plus size community, I hope that we can all raise our voices enough to insist that brands start catering to a larger audience.

Happy shopping my plus size angels!

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Thursday 15th of February 2024

What can I wear that will look good on me? I am a size 26


Saturday 1st of July 2023

Thanks recommendations, but I've got liw income an person household so can u recommend some places to shop that at price ranges of $25 or less for sizes 30w-34w also be aplus if can find items for short hight because I'm only 4"11


Friday 19th of May 2023

What an amazing resource! Thank you so, so much for putting this together. We superfat folx deserve to feel beautiful too!


Saturday 29th of April 2023

Thank you


Friday 20th of May 2022

I'm a size 30 and I have found really cute clothes at Hot Topic. Their sizes go up to a size 30 and I found that they are a little big on me. Another shop that has trendy 28+ is Torrid. They only go up to a size 30 but I have also found that some of their size 30 is a little oversized. They are pricey but I always shop the clearance racks and get things way cheaper (usually out of season) but save a lot of money. Thanks for this blog I will try some of these other places as it's good to know where to shop since I am just one size over the size that most conventional stores stop selling at so that is very frustrating.