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  1. I’m so happy for you! I just want one of everything! Lol when will the mint green t-shirt and long sleeve gray shirt be back in stock?

          1. Thank you!! I just ordered a couple of things! I wish you had some panties that say “fat girl flow” across the butt. I think those would be so cute lol <3

      1. Hey i was wondering if i should get the sweatshirt in a 5xl or go with the 4xl? See im 26/28 in tops. Im short 5’3. Please contact asap.

          1. Hey I order the 5xl and it’s too big so I need to go down a size. So how do I return it to order a new one. How does the process work because the shipping and return policy does not even provide a lot of information.

    1. I was wondering on the sweater size. That I notice it said you are a 26/28 in tops and in the sweater you are wearing 4xl and if you like it big and rommy you should go up a side meaning going up to a 5xl and the reason why I ask because I’m a 26/28 in tops and love rommy not so tight stuff.

  2. I just found you last night on Instagram, and immediately knew I had to find your blog and youtube. I can’t even begin to explain how excited I was when I found you! I’m buying a t-shirt immediately!

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